Financial Information

The following represents the current tuition and an estimation of other costs. Any of these fees are subject to change.










Tuition per semester:






Books per year:

$500 - $600

$500 - $600










Miscellaneous per year:



Phase I



Phase II







The Academy for Careers and Technology has partnered with an online company to automate the processing of all federal financial aid applications.  This system is called the Virtual Financial Aid Office, or VFAO, and it uses a company whose sole capability is to provide federal financial aid services to higher education students. 

In order to receive financial aid at ACT, you must use this system. To start your online financial aid application, click on Virtual Financial Aid Office .Note:  If you are not able to log onto the VFAO website, try to go to the website directly at  If you continue to have problems, send your question through the Contact Us option on the VFAO website.

You can now begin the online ACT federal financial aid application process:  Log in with your username and password or register as a new user to create an account.

  1. Follow the link to the "Student Interview Center."  Refer to the FAQ's in the right-hand column for tips and instructions as you go.
  2. Follow the link to complete the FAFSA for 2012-2013 using your 2011 tax information.  The school code is 040833.
  3. Click "Done" to submit the application.

The FAFSA Net Price Calculator can be accessed by clicking on this link. Students may also seek assistance from area WIA counselors, health care institutions awarding scholarships, or VA benefits administrators. Students are eligible for educational scholarships awarded by individuals and civic organizations upon completion of Phase I.

For information about LPN scholarships from the National Black Nurses Association, click here for the site

For information about scholarships from the Royal Neighbors of America, click here for the site

For information about finding cheaper college testbooks click on this link