DUI At School??
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Wednesday, April 06, 2016
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Health Science HOSA in partnership and with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department provided all ACT students with knowledge about the dangers of drinking and driving. Students watched a video and then participated in a hands-on driving demonstration. Wearing goggles that are commonly referred to as “Drunk Goggles”, students were allowed to drive a golf cart through an obstacle course wearing different levels of “drunk” goggles. The event was a eye-opening, fun learning  experience for many of the students as well as hilarious to watch. Every ACT student had the chance to participate in this“drunk driving” experience. A special thank you to Health Science HOSA, Sargent Greg  Walker and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department for coordinating  this educational event. Officers from the Sheriff’s Department assisted students as they attempted to drive through the obstacle course. Many cones were injured during the day but none fatally!

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