"Run to the Sun" Field Trip
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Wednesday, April 06, 2016
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It took about an hour ride to get to the “Run to the Sun” car show in Myrtle Beach. We walked around the show and saw  some very interesting cars. We ate at Cook Out and then walked back to the car show. I saw this one vehicle that really caught my eye. It was a Walking Dead zombie hunter style truck. It had a cage attached to the back and was rigged to have a zombie smack into the side of the cage every ten or fifteen seconds. Every few minutes it would make a gunfire sound as well. It was quite different from what I thought I would see at a car show.  We looked around at various vendors also. They were selling bumper stickers, tires, auto parts, etc. You name it and it was there. There was someone selling a car cleaning squeegee that never needed to be wrung out which I thought was interesting. I bought a pair of sunglasses at one of the vendors but when I went to put them on as we were about to leave the store, they snapped in half! That guy must have been selling some pretty cheaply made sunglasses! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip, it was a great time from the beginning to the end! written by Jacob DeBaker

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